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Get a professionally designed website that includes SEO for digital marketing in Johnson City TN (or anywhere in the US). Whether you want a professional looking website to boost credibility, you want to boost leads from Google, or you need a web designer who will respond the same day, Splash Web Design is at your service!

Every site starts with a free design, so you can see before you decide.
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Meet Stephen

Are you frustrated with your current web designer, or perhaps you're starting a business and are simply overwhelmed with where to start? I'm here for you. I'm your "one stop shop" and will design, build, launch, host, and manage your website.

Text me with anything you need: (423) 212-8724 Seriously! That is my actual number, and I'll text you right back. Go ahead and try it out! 

I look forward to learning about your business and helping you showcase your work. I specialize in getting small businesses up and running quickly with affordable and professional web design.

I will also help with SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure you are getting more leads through Google. Expand your reach beyond just your Facebook page, and attract your target client.

As a freelance designer, I have created websites for all kinds of small businesses, and I also provide specialized SEO for growing businesses that now receive thousands of dollars worth of organic traffic. I'll use my experience to help you create marketing strategies that go beyond simple web design services.

I'm here to help answer any questions you have, and I am "at your service," every step of the way! 
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Website Development Tri Cities

Website Design near Johnson City TN
Welcome to Splash!

With over 10 years experience, Splash Web Design has partnered with many small businesses to launch professional and beautiful websites that attract the right leads.

Whether you're ready to establish credibility for you business with a new site, or you're frustrated by being ignored by your current digital marketing agency, we'll set you up for success.

We provide custom digital marketing solutions tailored for the Johnson City audience (or wherever you are located), and we will create an online presence for your business that converts.

Engaging social media content or targeted Google Ads aren't enough! Your small business needs a beautiful website with SEO content woven seamlessly into your design, to ensure you rank for target keywords and boost your reputation through a holistic strategy.

Every small business website starts with a free Homepage design "first look," so you can see before you decide.

Located in the Tri Cities TN, near Bristol, Gray, Kingsport, and Knoxville, we will design, develop, and host your website, no matter where you are located!
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Client Testimonials
What People Say About Us

“Shortly after launching my counseling website, I was amazed at how quickly my practice filled up and how soon I had to start a wait list. Whenever I ask new referrals how they found me, they always mention my website.” 
— Eric F. (Buffalo Mountain Counseling)
What impressed me the most about my interaction with Stephen is that the first thing he did was ask me about my business. He asked great business questions which allowed him to build a website and make recommendations to what features should be included. Stephen isn't just a web designer, he is a marketer who uses web design to help his clients do what they do, better.
— Michael C. (1st Fruits Consulting)
Stephen created and designed the perfect website. The feedback and business that he has helped generate more business. The website has allowed more organizations to contact and book me. If you are looking for the perfect website designer, Stephen is the person.
— Susan T. (Public Speaker)
Stephen is the best. I have worked with him a couple different times on website projects and both times he has absolutely nailed it. I highly recommend reaching out to him for any website, or sales funnel ideas you may have.
— Micah D (Foundation Slim)
“Stephen is an amazing web designer and really nailed the site design for Northeast TN Entertainment Alliance. He was really easy to talk to and always kept me in the loop throughout the whole process. I highly recommend him!” 
— Angela P. (NETN Entertainment Alliance)
If you are looking for someone who truly cares about you and your website, look no further than Stephen. He will work with you through the development and design process, ultimately creating a website you will be excited about and others will enjoy! People are continually telling me how much they love my GraceReach site!
— Brad R. (Outreach Ministry)
Not only is Stephen an extremely talented designer, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He explained everything we needed to know and was as excited about the new website as we were. I highly recommend Stephen for any web design project, you won’t be disappointed!
— Switchmen Studios
"Stephen was easy to work with. He made web designing a simple process for me in showcasing my acting portfolio, and he even gave me instructions on how to update my page as needed!  I recommend you contact him!"
— Julia M. (Actress)
"Working with Stephen has been a pleasure! Very responsive, professional and really knows what he is doing and would recommend to anybody needing a website built."
— Josh S. (Finish Line Painting)
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Amazing website design!! I can’t wait to start sharing and getting new business!
— Danielle H (Trash Panda Pet Sitting)
Stephen is amazing to work with. Highly recommend!
— Josh Mancuso (Comedian & Actor)
Working with Stephen has been great!  He is very responsive and patient while we worked out all the fine details of what we wanted on our site.  Great experience all around!
— Rocky Knoll Farm
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Stephen has been awesome to work with ! Definitely a 5 star experience!
— John L. (Blue Ridge Beds)
After "trying" to work with several different website developers, I was honestly ready to give up. It was very frustrating, until I was referred to Stephen at Splash Web Design. EXCELLENT communication and VERY responsive!!!
— Travis C. (Bullpit Fitness)
Discover johnson city
"Our website shows people what to do in Johnson City through local business listings and events in the area. Splash Web Design has done an exceptional job in helping others discover our beautiful city!"
- Discover Johnson City
Stephen and Splash Web Design is the way to go! I was looking for someone to fix my existing website that I was not happy with and Stephen came highly recommended by a trusted friend. He was quick to respond and prompt to provide suggestions and a solution that led to a website that is 10x better than I had. He’s super easy to work with and reasonably priced, so no need to look further!
Thanks Stephen for your solid work!
— Sara M. (Tru North Financial)
Great Service and design. Easy to work with and easy to get ahold of. Would use again and have already recommended to several other small businesses.
We have received compliments on our redesign and are now able to update information and announcements on a regular basis.
— Daniel B. (Blair Academy of the Arts)
First , the text your web designer is a legit thing. I texted and he texted back and then scheduled to call. I love it. It was simple to tell him what I wanted and what I liked and he does a great job. I am looking forward to continuing working with him 😃
— Jeriesha B (JB Virtual Assistant)

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Website Design SEO Tri Cities

Simple and Fast
How it Works

Spend your time doing what you do best, and leave it to us to create a website that you love. You'll get a beautiful website that is optimized for your target audience.
Get a Free Homepage Design
We will design a free "first look" for your Homepage, so you can make sure you love it before taking a next step. We'll base the design off of any existing content that you have, or incorporate any preferences that you have. However, all we really need to start your web design is the name of your small business, and any contact information you would like to be available.

Tweak the Content to Your Liking
Once you love the homepage look, we will build out all of the other pages, with optimized text and pictures. From there, you can tweak the content to to your heart's content! We're happy to edit any content, pictures, or design elements until you absolutely love your new website!

Launch in Record Time
We work fast and will normally have it ready to go within a few days. When your site is ready, we'll connect the domain name of your choice, and you will be in business!  We'll also guide you on any questions that you have along the way.

Getting a professional small business website doesn't have to be complicated. We have launched websites in multiple industries and can't wait to help your business stand out!
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Anatomy of a Web Design
Crafting Your Online Presence from Start to Finish

 Understanding Web Design: More Than Just Good Looks

Think of web design as the task of building your business's online home. It's not just about making a site that catches the eye; it's about crafting a space that works well and feels right to your visitors. Good web design is a mix of smart layout, inviting graphics, and the kind of user-friendly features that make people want to stick around.

In the simplest terms, web design is the process of planning and creating websites that tell your business's story in a way that's easy to read and navigate. It's like putting together the pieces of a puzzle to form a picture that not only looks great but makes sense too. A well-designed website blends the cool looks with the behind-the-scenes tech to ensure it loads quickly, shows up in search engines, and gets your message across. It's about making sure your site can help your business in real, tangible ways, from catching the eye of a new visitor to closing a sale.

The Design Phase: Where Creativity Meets Strategy
As we enter the design phase, this is where the strategic plans laid out in the blueprint come to life with a splash of creativity. It's a critical juncture where the visual identity of your website starts to take shape, all the while ensuring that the goals and audience defined in the planning stage remain at the forefront.

First impressions matter immensely in the digital world. Your homepage acts as the front door to your business, and just like a physical storefront, it can either welcome visitors in or turn them away. The design must strike a balance between captivating aesthetics and clear messaging. We strive for that 'wow' factor that captures attention, but also for intuitive navigation that guides visitors naturally through the site. Every color, image, and font choice is made with your brand and user experience in mind.

An easy-to-follow homepage flow is paramount. It needs to communicate who you are, what you do, and what the visitor should do next—whether that's making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or getting in touch. We map out a journey that takes users from introduction to action with as few clicks as possible. Effective web design isn't just about looking great; it's about creating a seamless path that gently leads users where they need to go without them having to think about it.

This phase is where strategy meets aesthetics. The design phase is not just about using beautiful visuals; it’s about employing them smartly to create a fluid, engaging experience that aligns with your business goals and speaks directly to your audience's needs.
Web Design Johnson City TN
The Programming Phase: Bringing Designs to Life
Once the design is locked in, it's time for the programming phase—where we turn static designs into a dynamic, fully functional website. This is the development stage, where code gives life to the design, much like a puppeteer animating a puppet.
We build the structure, style, and interactivity of your site, including mobile responsiveness. We also make sure that every dropdown menu, button, and link works exactly as it should. This is where your website starts to come together, evolving from a concept to a clickable reality.

The transition from design to development is all about keeping true to the visual design while ensuring technical performance. It is essentially, combining the aesthetic with the functional. Your website look great and will work seamlessly on a variety of devices and browsers. It’s here in the programming phase that your website truly begins to take shape.

Launch: Going Live with Your Website
Going live is more than just flipping a switch. It's about introducing your business to the global audience and opening up new possibilities for building credibly and gaining new leads for your business. It's your digital grand opening, and we make sure it's as seamless and impactful as possible.

A critical part of the launch process is connecting your domain name, the unique address that visitors will use to find your site. It's your digital identity, and we include domain setup as part of our launch service to ensure there's no confusion or delay in taking ownership of your space on the web. We handle the technical aspects, ensuring your domain is properly configured, your website is connected, and everything is optimized for a smooth, welcoming user experience from day one.

The launch of your website is a powerful step forward in your business's story, and we at Splash Web Design are thrilled to be part of your journey.

Hosting: Securing a Home for Your Website
Choosing a home for your website is as crucial as the construction itself. Hosting is essentially the service that allows your website to be accessed on the internet—it's where your site lives. A reliable host ensures that your website is available to visitors around the clock, providing the speed and bandwidth necessary for a smooth user experience.

But hosting isn't just about keeping your site online. It also encompasses security measures like SSL certificates, which encrypt data between the user's browser and the server, protecting sensitive information from being intercepted. In today’s digital age, an SSL certificate is non-negotiable for maintaining trust with your visitors and for ranking well on search engines, which prioritize secure sites.
Moreover, a good hosting service will keep your site’s backbone strong and updated. This means regular updates to the server’s software and security protocols to fend off the latest cyber threats and ensure compatibility with new web technologies. The host takes care of these updates so you can focus on running your business, not on the upkeep of server software.

In short, web hosting is the unsung hero that keeps your website accessible, secure, and up-to-date. It's an integral part of maintaining a professional online presence and ensuring that your website remains a reliable resource for your customers.

Website Design TN
Making Edits: Keeping Your Website Fresh and Functional
A website is not a one-off project—it's a dynamic component of your business that requires ongoing attention to stay current and effective. At Splash Web Design, we understand that. That's why we integrate maintenance and regular updates as a core feature of our service.

Website maintenance is akin to keeping your car tuned up: it's about ensuring everything runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Whether it's updating the content, adding new features, or tweaking the design to keep up with the latest web standards, regular maintenance keeps your website performing at its peak.

With Splash Web Design, you won't have to worry about getting bogged down with the technicalities. We are on hand to make sure your site stays fast and secure. We also provide a CMS (Content Management System) that makes it simple for you to make your own updates if you wish, or you can leave it to us to handle everything for you. We're dedicated to keeping your online presence robust so that you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

The Future of Your Website: Growth and Scalability
Your website's launch isn't the end of the road; it's the start of a thrilling journey of growth and evolution. At Splash Web Design, we build every website with an eye on the future, ensuring it can scale and adapt as your business grows. As your digital partner, we're committed to supporting you over the long haul, not just during the build.

If you ever need more pages or more functionality we're ready to help you however you need. As you business evolves and changes, we will be ready.

Moreover, we stay abreast of the latest in web design and SEO, so we're always ready to refine your strategy to keep you ahead of the competition. We view our relationship with you as a partnership, one where your success is our success. With Splash Web Design, you can rest assured that you have a steadfast ally, ready to help your online presence flourish for years to come.

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